Our Buyer Services Menu


  • INITIAL BUYER NEEDS MEETING – To discuss your home buying needs and goals, and to collaborate with you on the search for your property.
  • PRE-APPROVAL RECOMMENDATIONS – We help to arrange a pre-qualification or pre-approval appointment with a strong local lender to identify your price comfortability and to strengthen your negotiating ability.
  • PROPERTY DISCUSSION – We will review both the positive and negative features of each property that may affect its value.
  • INFORMATION – We will share any information relevant to material value we have to help you make the best possible decisions.
  • MARKE – We can provide market data for any property to help you determine market value.
  • WRITTEN SELLER DISCLOSURE – We will review with you any Seller’s written disclosure statement to help you understand whether to accept or specify the remedy for each fault disclosed.
  • HOME WARRANTY – We offer purchasable home warranty plans to mitigate your cost of repair when purchasing property.
  • PROPERTY & WDO – We will recommend providers for obtaining professional property and WDO (wood destroying organisms/termite).
  • ESTIMATE OF CLOSING FUNDS NEEDED – We will have the lender provide you with a preliminary estimate of closing costs, prepaid items and down payment requirement anticipated in your purchase.
  • NEGOTIATION STRATEGY – We will offer you various negotiation strategies to strengthen your contract to purchase.
  • FINAL WALK-THROUGH INSPECTION – We will accompany you on your final walk through inspection of the property before closing, and we will assist you in dealing with any problems discovered.
  • CLOSING SALE – We will keep you informed on the progress of your purchase agreement, including the satisfaction of all contractual conditions.
  • POST CLOSING FOLLOW UP – We will stay in contact you after the closing to follow up on your experience.
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