Judy DuBiel

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I moved from upstate New York with my retired husband to be closer to family and to live in a warmer climate. After moving into our new home, which I loved looking for with Dreyer & Associate’s Realtors®; I was looking for something to do and a way to meet people. I asked myself what are the things I enjoy doing, what can I do that allows me scheduling and time freedom and what will stimulate me and teach me something new. These questions I asked myself brought me to real estate. I have also enjoyed homes, I have always enjoyed helping people and I am a very detail-oriented person. I felt that I would be a good fit as a Realtor®.

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I worked for many years as a social worker in the elderly care and medical world. I am a calm, reasonable and empathetic person and my personality fit very well with this role. I left this position due to an elderly family member needed my attention which made working regularly no longer feasible for me. Eventually, when time allowed, I began creating, building, owning and operating my own gift shop. I handled all aspects of the store and staffed it on my own with two part time staff. This work was very fulfilling and I was so proud of it. I loved my customers and I was so pleased when they were pleased, buying just that perfect gift for a special person. When it came to making another change and move, I marketed the gift shop and sold it myself. It was then that I got a taste for selling real estate.

At first, I thought that I would enjoy finding a family a home to live and raise their families and that still attracts me, however, my last few contracts have been with retired persons looking for winter getaways and that seemed to be a perfect fit for me. So, I would now say that I would love working with people who are relocating, especially from colder climates, because I understand that so well having gone through that myself and I am so pleased for them when they find the perfect property.


Judy is awesome! She went above and beyond to help us find a home.  The “mega” miles she traveled, showing us homes and looking at neighborhoods for us; constantly being my bakup when I couldn’t find phone numbers or paperwork and always being there when I had a question.  I don’t know what we would have done without her. Getting to know her, I thnk of Judy more as a friend, not just our Realtor®.

Dawn Corrigan

We bought a place in Palm Bay, Florida in late January and just closed on it today, May 1st., 2018.

Our realtor was Judy Dubiel. She did a fabulous job for us from day one until today, the closing !!!!!!!!!!!!

We could not have asked more of her throughout the 3 Month deal. She was always there to answer questions, whether I called or texted her.

I can NOT imagine having a better lady to deal with !!!!!    She was a TEN out of TEN, which is tough to find these days !!!!!

Frank & Lyn Herodes