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Throughout her life, family, friends and acquaintances have gently nudged Tammy towards the real estate industry, siting her amazing ability to read people, her diligent work within the community and her endless patience in business matters.  For 10 years, she enjoyed success asa Veterinary Technician. After the birth of her youngest child, she decided that punching a time clock no longer appealed to her. She resigned and ultimately took the leap into real estate sales.

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“My successes in real estate will directly correlate with my understanding of my client needs, dedication to problem solving and, put simply, my integrity. Becoming a real estate agent may not have been my idea, but I will give it everything that I’ve got.  It is who I am.” says Tammy.

In her down time, you can find Tammy walking the beach, riding her bike, boating, working in her yard, watching her children play sports or catching up with close friends.

Tammy is the greatest! From start to finish Tammy took care of every detail and kept us constantly informed of the progress of the sale. Tammy will go above and beyond to see that you’re every needs are taken care of and that you are very satisfied. I highly recommend Tammy!

Bill Hedry

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